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        • Membership
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          For a limited time, become a member and save! In honour of our 30th anniversary, you n save 30% on Bronze memberships, plus additional savings on Gold and Silver, until October 21. 

          Members n access free events, discounts and more year-round at the Cinema, discounts and early booking windows for Hot Docs Festival, and free streaming of special 30th anniversary collections on Hot Docs at Home. 

          Outside Toronto? Try our Hot Docs at Home Monthly Subscription for only $4.99 per month!

        • Citizen Minutes
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          Citizen Minutes

          Applitions are open for our second season of Citizen Minutes—a documentary initiative to inspire interest and engagement in nadian democracy and public affairs. 

          Selected projects will receive financial, production and post-production support, in addition to mentorship opportunities. The completed films will premiere at the 2023 Hot Docs Festival, and will also feature an edutional component.

        • Curious Minds
          Lecturer in front of audience at Hot Docs Cinema

          Curious Minds

          Goodbye living room, hello cultural salon! With enhanced safety preutions in place, our signature speaker series is back live at Hot Docs Cinema. 

          Learn more.

        What we do

        Celebrate our 30th anniversary with us!
        Join us for our 30th anniversary season with 30% off Bronze memberships, plus additional savings on Gold and Silver memberships, until October 21. 

        Members enjoy free events and discounts at Hot Docs Cinema, discounts and early access for Hot Docs Festival, and free streaming of special 30th anniversary collections on Hot Docs at Home. 

        Become a member & save >>
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        • Discounts at Hot Docs Festival and Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema
        • Free premium programming on Hot Docs at Home
        • Big savings on Curious Minds courses
        • Exclusive advance ordering opportunities
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